Saeb Younis Abdul-Rahman Saeb Younis Abdul-Rahman
Mosul University College of Agriculture and Forestry. Department of Animal Production
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Specialty: Veterinary Physiology
Email Address: saebyounis[at]yahoo.com
Phone: 07701889190
Khalid Hassani Sultan Khalid Hassani Sultan
Animal Production Dept./ College of Agriculture and Forestry/ Mosul University
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Specialty: Animal Management
Email Address: khalidhassani_1961[at]yahoo.com
Phone: 07738502730
Executive Director
Ali Farooq Kasim Ali Farooq Kasim
Horticulture and Landscape Dept.College of Agriculture and Forestry / Mosul University
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Specialty: Ornamental and Landscape gardening
Email Address: aalifarook[at]yahoo.com
Phone: 07710445469
Editorial Board
Salem Younis Sultan Al nuaymee Salem Younis Sultan Al nuaymee
Economy Dept.College of Agriculture & Forestry ,Mosul Univercity
Specialty: Farm Management
Email Address: sissalim150[at]gmail.com
Phone: 07701632521
Ahmed Awad Talb Altalb Ahmed Awad Talb Altalb
Dept. of Agricultural Extension and Technologies Transfer / College of Agriculture and Forestry/ Mosul University.
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Specialty: Transfer and Adoption of Modern Agriculture Technologies
Email Address: ahmedaltalb414[at]gmail.com
Phone: 07717272876
Ayad Talat Shaker Ayad Talat Shaker
Farm Crops Dept./ College of Agriculture and Forestry/ Mosul University
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Specialty: Crop Production
Email Address: ayadalmeran[at]gmail.com
Phone: 07705901987
International Editorial Board
Justyna Anna Batkowska Justyna Anna Batkowska
University of Life Sciences in Lublin- Faculty of Animal Sciences and Bioeconomy - Institute of Biological Basis of Animal Production
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Specialty: Animal Science
Email Address: justyna.batkowska[at]up.lublin.pl
Akel Nasser Mansur Akel Nasser Mansur
Plant Protection Dept. - Faculty of Agriculture - University of Jordan
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Specialty: Plant Pathology (Plant Virology)
Email Address: akelman[at]ju.edu.jo
Khalid Falih Hassan Khalid Falih Hassan
Soil Sciences and Water Resources Dept. - College of Agriculture and Forestry- Mosul University
Specialty: Soil and Water Conservation
Email Address: khalid_a222[at]yahoo.com
Abdullah İstek Abdullah İstek
Bartın University, Faculty of Forestry, Dept. of Forest Industrial Engineering- 74100 Bartin, Turkey.
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Specialty: Technological Forestry
Email Address: aistek[at]bartin.edu.tr
Deputy Editor
Email Address:
Editorial Board
Sumayia Khalaf Badawi Sumayia Khalaf Badawi
Food Industries Dept./ College of Agriculture and Forestry/ Mosul University
Specialty: Dairy Science
Email Address: sumyiakhalaf[at]gmail.com
Phone: 07701634807