Print ISSN: 1815-316X

Online ISSN: 2224-9796

Keywords : Faba Bean,,

Evaluation of Faba Bean Genotypes For Yield And Yield Components Using Selection Index

Khalil Hathal Kanoosh; Mohammed Ali Al-Falahy

Mesopotamia Journal of Agriculture, 2020, Volume 48, Issue 1, Pages 12-24
DOI: 10.33899/magrj.2020.126258.1013

The experiment was carried out at the farm at Filed crops Department , College of Agricultural engineering sciences , Duhok University in season 2018-2019 to construed selection index for five faba bean genotypes under different levels of phosphorus fertilizer .The results exhibited that all selection indices include the grain yield gave relatively efficiency , the best selection index were grain yield, number of pods plant-1 and number of seeds pods-1 , so that we can using these characters as criteria’s of selection of faba bean genotypes . Also the results showed that the highest mean selection index was 216.26 for latti kia genotype and significant and difference over all other genotypes .
The heritability broad sense was high for all studied characters and ranged between 0.94 to 0.99 . Regarding to the genetic advance as mean gave high values for first pod height (57.10) , grain yield plant-1 (43.97) , number of main branches plant-1 (33.92) and number of pods plant-1 (31.52) and medium for plant height , days to 75 flowering , number of nodules plant-1 and number of seeds pod-1 . So that we can using these desirable characters to improve the faba bean genotypes .